Conventional Fuels

Retail Energy Solutions goal is to aide with any need that a site owner might have.  We have experience and knowledge in all aspects of what a customer might need.  The benefit of partnering with Retail Energy Solutions is to minimize the time it takes to implement changes, and to increase a customer’s ROI and profitability.  Don’t rely on what vendors are telling you, partner with Retail Energy Solutions and have an independent voice that you can trust.

Retail Energy Solutions has experience both under the canopy and in your C-Store.  Is it time to replace tanks or dispensers?  Retail Energy Solutions can point you in the right direction.  Is it time to re-design your store, or build a new facility.  Retail Energy Solutions can help with site planning and project management.  Or perhaps it is time to focus on your business inside the C-Store.  Retail Energy Solutions can help you start scanning and improving your inventory accuracy.  Take it a step further, and invest in a back office package.  Reduce shrinkage, reduce excess inventory, and have a better handle on your price book.  All of these things can lead to more profitability.

The following is a list of what Retail Energy Solutions can help you with in your new or existing business.

  • Tanks, Dispensers, UST
  • POS, Store Design
  • Inventory
  • Rebranding/Reimaging
  • Contract Negotiation
  • Operations
  • Back Office Solutions
  • Site Development
  • Project Management
  • Price Book Management
  • Car Wash Program