Other Services

The retail energy environment is a fast moving ever changing business.  What was working today might not be what works tomorrow or in the future.  Partnering with Retail Energy Solutions ensures up to date industry and market analysis and happenings.  Be on the forefront of how things are evolving in your industry.  Plan your business accordingly based on important upcoming changes in the industry.

Data Security

  • POS
  • Dispenser
  • EMV/PCI Compliance
  • Security Cameras

Want to generate another source of income in your business?  One of the most profitable and beneficial things that you can add to your C-Store is food service.  Whether it be adding a roller grill, pre-baked program, or a full quick service restaurant, Retail Energy Solutions is here to assist in whatever needs that you might have.

Food Service

  • Service Type
  • Vendor Analysis
  • Concept Design
  • COG
  • Food Cost
  • Inventory
  • Waste/Shrinkage
  • Portion Control